Sunday, November 1, 2009

Picture Post

I think this is a Yellow Rumped Warbler... I would love for anyone to help confirm or deny, please :) If so, it's another one to add to my list!

These pictures are all from the past 2 weeks or so... some of the "usual suspects" hanging out in the yard... and some just coming home for winter!

Red Bellies are one of my favorites.

He almost fell in to the burning ring of fire!

Polite dinner table discussions.

Welcome home, Juncos :)

This young guy has been hanging out around here since mid summer. I took a picture with the velvet still on his antlers, and didn't realize that most deer antlers aren't symmetrical. My husband told me they can be in about any shape and definitely don't have to match. This one has a fork at the top of his right antler, and a fork at the bottom of the left one.

This one's gonna need a new set of cheeks if he puts any more corn in there!

Coming soon: Purple Finches, White Throated and White Crowned Sparrows!


  1. I'm afraid I'm still not so good with the warblers, so I can't offer any assistance on the possible yellow-rump. Everybody shown here is durn cute, though. 'Specially that little chippy with the stuffed cheeks!

  2. Oh, yes, yellow-rumped warbler! Congratulations. Now go do the Life Bird Wiggle.

    whitish eye crescents, brown back, yellow breast patches, and that famous yellow rump, which doesn't show in any pictures. Sometimes birding through a camera can make you miss the best field marks (as in flight).


  3. ...on the first shot, I can definitely see that yellow patch on his rump! I love your Red-bellied shots (one of my favorites too!) I enjoyed your's funny! Like your cardinal in that "burning ring of fire!" (Now I have that song on my mind!) Cute chippy!